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Today – Thursday 16th January 2020 – is a very special day, as it marks the 100th birthday of a lovely lady named Lily. Lily is an incredible individual living here at Julie Richardson Nursing Home in Banbury and we would like to wish her a very happy birthday!

It’s not every day somebody reaches such a grand age, so we wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate. To mark this very special occasion in a unique way, we have created something with a helping hand from the Daily Sparkle just for Lily.

In addition to sharing the usual Weekly Sparkle around our nursing home, which is a reminiscence newspaper featuring an ever-changing range of nostalgia topics for care homes across the country, we have Lily’s Sparkling Times today too! It mentions significant years in Lily’s life and talks all about her hobbies.

All those living in Julie Richardson Nursing Home will no doubt enjoy reading about some of Lily’s favourite things to do in her special edition of the Daily Sparkle, and it’ll definitely ‘spark’ interesting conversation. We have been working with the Daily Sparkle for quite some time now, and the benefits it has are easy to see; reading together and discussing the news articles really does help our staff to build better relationships with residents and it’s great seeing people’s faces light up when they read about major moments in history they remember from their childhood or teenage years, for example.

Thank you to the Daily Sparkle for helping us to create Lily’s Sparkling Times – we’re sure it’ll mean a lot to Lily, looking back at momentous occasions from her 100 amazing years! It’ll be something for her to cherish and keep rereading for a long time to come, bringing back wonderful and precious memories from days gone by.
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