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Here at Julie Richardson Nursing Home in Banbury, we're always looking for new ways to put smiles on our residents' faces - and we're pleased to say we've got a very good thing going with the Close Day Nursery School.

For many of our residents living with dementia, which can be a rather isolating disease, spending time with children has made the world of difference. They have no inhibitions and don't hesitate at all when it comes to playing with residents and spending time in our home.

When the children visit each week, they spend time playing musical instruments and board games, building with Lego, drawing and taking part in other creative activities - and the residents love getting involved with colouring and puzzles too, building on their communication skills and stimulating their memories.

Our manager here at Julie Richardson Nursing Home in Banbury, Jayanthi Antony, said that spending time with the kids gave the residents a lot of enjoyment and engagement, helping to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

In an article in the Banbury Guardian earlier this year, Jayanthi said: "We love having the children here, there are lots of magic moments when the children come and interact with our residents. One resident, she was very passive before but now she's become a lot more interactive and taking part in activities and as a manager, I'm so proud to see that."

Lorraine Wetherill, manger at the nursery school, said: "We often leave many of our creative activities with the residents and the children will often be heard saying that they want to leave their drawings and creations with the residents, with some saying, "put this up in your bedroom". But most importantly, it's the life skills that the children are gaining such as empathy for others, self-confidence, communication in different forms, listening and gaining knowledge from the older generation. We are extremely proud of the children; it is evident from the smiles on everyone's faces the pleasure that these visits give to all involved."

Long may this partnership continue, as it's so incredibly beneficial to the kids at the Close and our residents here at Julie Richardson Nursing Home. Get in touch to find out more.
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