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Here at Julie Richardson Nursing Home, we try and make life as fulfilling as possible for the people living here and endeavour to make life as close to what it would have been like in years gone by. That's why we have a reminiscence paper here in our home, the Weekly Sparkle!

Designed to be much like your local rag that you'd pick up from the paper shop, the Weekly Sparkle is available for all residents to pick up and read; it has been carefully developed to provide daily stimulation, interest, enjoyment and fun for all older people, but particularly those living with dementia.

In fact, the Daily Sparkle has enhanced the quality of life for thousands of people living with dementia according to their website That's because this weekly newspaper is all about the world many older people live in - it's a world that we see as the past, but which is often their experience of reality, so it takes them back to that time. It's incredible to see their faces light up as they relive wonderful moments of life.

Supporting staff to create a happy home, the Weekly Sparkle is essentially a tool to help your team provide even better care from a wellbeing and contentment perspective, and it's amazing listening to our residents as they enjoy sharing their precious memories. This really helps when it comes to building relationships between staff and residents.

Available for a subscription fee, there's a choice of daily or weekly newspapers and here in our home, we've opted for the weekly version. This is because it's more substantial and increases the level of anticipation between each new edition - it also feels more like a newspaper than a leaflet.

Staff members take the time to sit down with residents and read excerpts from the Weekly Sparkle with them, and it really does help and encourage them to engage in meaningful conversations and to recall happy memories - it's magical seeing that very moment where people are made to feel good about themselves, evoking feelings of happiness and enhanced self-esteem. Providing the perfect opportunity for interpersonal engagement thanks to its short, easy-to-digest articles, we think the Weekly Sparkle is ideal.

We can't recommend the Weekly Sparkle highly enough to any care home considering something like this. Why don't you give it a go? Let us know how you get on.
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