We take great pride in our high-quality nursing care at Julie Richardson Nursing Home, and our specially-trained team of nurses and care staff have a wealth of knowledge, compassion and experience to offer our residents around the clock. No matter what your healthcare needs, with a person-centred approach here, you’re sure to receive exactly the right level of care to ensure you can lead a fulfilling life from the moment you come and join us. After all, life is for living, and we’re here to encourage our residents to make the most of every day.


Julie Richardson Nursing Home is at the forefront of dementia learning, offering pioneering care following many years of investment and research. We go above and beyond to make life as fulfilling as possible for our residents living with dementia, and we’re continually developing new ways to make life even more rewarding. With highly-trained team members onsite 24 hours a day to take care of your loved one, you can have complete peace of mind that residents are cared for in a safe and suitable environment. No matter how advanced symptoms may be, we have all the required skills within our team to provide the best possible care.


Here at Julie Richardson Nursing Home, people come to us for respite care for a variety of reasons. Some are recovering from an injury or an illness, some are looking to find out first-hand what living in a nursing home is like before making the decision to move in for longer-term care, and some come here for a short-term solution to allow their carer to have a break themselves. No matter what your reason, our home is here to help.

Our compassionate team is proud to offer high-quality care in our wonderful home, and we’re in a great location too; Julie Richardson Nursing Home really is the ideal place for a short-term stay. Included in our respite care is everything you would benefit from being a long-term resident, such as activities and outings – that’s because as long as you’re staying here for, it’s your home.

Personalised care

Julia Richardson Nursing Home is family-run and here, we appreciate that every resident is different; our care and activities are based on the capabilities and wishes of each of our residents, and we believe that it’s this personalised care that ensures everyone living here can enjoy a pleasurable experience.

We achieve this by pairing each resident with a key member of staff upon moving into Julie Richardson Nursing Home. It’s this member of staff’s role to oversee the resident’s care, and it also provides their family with a consistent and familiar point of contact. Our team members are all highly-trained and hand-picked to join us to ensure that only the very best care is provided to our residents, so whether you’re considering moving in or your friend or family member might be, rest assured that only care of the highest quality will be delivered.